a run for my dad

Αν δεν δημιουργούμε δεν υπάρχουμε , η αγωνιζόμασταν η καθόμαστε και κλαίμε την μοίρα μας «τρεχω αρα υπαρχω»

Mahi Solomou

Running is the most liberating feeling I have ever experienced. Running keeps me focused, motivated and happy. With running every life’s challenge becomes easier…. with running, creativity starts flowing.
I would like to share a personal story with you about the power of running. This Xmas season was different from other years. My dad was presented with a health challenge and the festive spirit suddenly went into pause for my family. Fear and anxiety prevailed. But my daddy’s spirit remained intact. He told me he was ready to start training for his first 10k and asked me for a pair of new running shoes as a gift.How can one beat that spirit? I instantly had flashbacks of my ½ marathon in November when daddy held my hand in those last 100 meters when my body failed me. It was my turn to run for him and bring into light…

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